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Pay per click

An effective pay per click campaign (PPC) can be a game-changer for a lot of businesses. It will likely already have played a key role in getting extra traffic to a website, but might not have been as effective as first thought. We are local Sunshine Coast Google Partners and are experts in planning and implementing successful strategies for all industries.

What is pay per click?

Pay per click is essentially what is says on the tin – You pay a price set by a search engine for an extra visitor to your website. Each click differs on price depending on time of day, type of service you wanting to be found for, quality of your landing page plus quite many more things. PPC is ideal as part of either an ongoing campaign to compliment your SEO strategy, or as a short term fix in traffic to reach targets or for seasonal campaigns. Being part of the Google Partners program allows us to stay on top of best practices and deliver the best possible results for our clients. We employ PPC in most accounts we manage and thoroughly recommend strategising so a marketing budget is spend effectively.

Can I do this myself?

Yes you can do it yourself, but as will anything you always get better results when done professionally. You may have set up a campaign in the past without much success, or you may not have the time required to manage a campaign successfully. We have the knowledge to be able to successfully implement or improve upon existing campaigns. As mentioned briefly in the last section, various elements contribute to the success of the campaigns which we fully understand and in the long-term, we will likely save you more money by drilling down on the target audience and improving the efficiency of a campaign.

Get a free PPC audit

Get in touch with our team for an audit of your pay per click campaign. We can help make instant improvements, if you want to work with us further then we leave that up to you.

Our workflow

We start all our projects and campaigns by carefully auditing what you already have, comparing with competition and coming up with a  few flexible suggestions. Once we have established exactly what it is you are looking to achieve, we will get to know your business a bit more so we can tailor the ad copy to what suits you and what your potential users will be interested in. We have worked with many industries over the years and understand many of the different technicalities that come hand in hand with working with a specific industry. Our web design team can also assist with setting up specific landing pages, A/B testing and more.

Search networks

Search engines often offer different types of networks on which to advertise including search, display and shopping. Most of the time we recommend a search network campaign which you will have seen many times no doubt. The top handful of results after a search often have “ad” next to them, as do the bottom handful. These are ads served by the search network with which we can use to get extra traffic to your website.

Display networks

Display campaigns are found almost everywhere on the web in the modern era. From Google search partners to Instagram, you will likely have seen adverts in the form of an image or video. An effective display network campaign utilises quality artwork created in different dimensions to suit various devices, and should grab the attention of a relevant user. We have years of experience in creating such campaigns, and can place your ad on various relevant websites or social media platform where a user might be looking. We find display campaigns especially effective for products and have used this method successfully in the past for many clients.


Remarketing is very similar to display network advertising in that it is a visual ad, but instead allows us to go back to a certain user who was likely to be interested in what we had to offer but didn’t convert. We can segment your previous users using Google Analytics. For example we might want to find all users who came to the website from a certain ad campaign, then segment further by looking into the top 20% by time spent on your website. This can often indicate that they were interested as they spent a long time looking on your website, but were maybe sidetracked. Remarketing is a great tool we use on most campaigns that allows us to recycle relevant traffic.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is relevant for clients wanting to sell products only. It can be highly competitive with companies like Amazon or eBay often taking the top positions, but used properly can also be highly effective. When using a PPC budget wisely for eCommerce clients, we often target realistic positions in the Google Shopping list which can cost a bit less (depending on the cost and popularity of the product you are selling) to achieve a higher sales rate.