Pay per click

Being Google Partners, we can advise on the best possible campaign for your business. We also offer a free audit of your current set up.

What is pay per click?

In simple terms, pay per click allows businesses to advertise on search pages, relevant websites & many other mediums. Unlike SEO, it's possible to get to the top of Google for example without a long-winded SEO campaign for your target keywords. It is ideal to get quick, relevant traffic to your website specific to what you are wanting to target at a particular moment in time. We advise all our customers to utilise Google Adwords to some extent due to the return on investment we are able to achieve for each industry.

Can I do this myself?

In short, yes! But you probably will not be able to achieve the conversion rates, click through rates, and cost per click that we do. We use a variety of PPC related tools combined with our knowledge to get the most out of your spend. We often speak to businesses who are boosting ads on Facebook themselves, or targeting exact-match keywords on Google without much success. A lot of the time, this is marketing budgets wasted because the return on investment is so low or non-existent.

Get a free
PPC audit

Get in touch with our team for an audit of your pay per click campaign. We can help make instant improvements, if you want to work with us further then we leave that up to you.

Where to start...

We start by offering all clients or potential clients a free audit of their current set up. Afterwards, you can go away & look into implementing some of the suggestions yourselves, or alternatively we can take over your existing campaign & manage it going forward. We would begin by learning more about your business, suggesting vital improvements to your website in general, then advising on creating landing pages specific to the ads we will be running together. Our design & development team can also assist with modifying your website content if required.

Search networks

The most prominent search network is obviously Google where it is possible to get a Google Adwords campaign live fairly quickly. We are Google Accredited & have a specialist team dedicated to managing search campaigns for our clients on a daily basis. We tend to start our campaigns slowly & grow them where possible over time. We feel it's important to always look at the competitive market & find a niche where our clients can succeed with paid search campaigns. Over time, we will add negative keywords, block out certain geographical locations & compare metrics to succeed.


You may have seen those ads that follow you around before & wondered how can I do that for my business? For example, you are looking for a pair of shoes online, are interested but decide to come back later. Later you click to watch a video online. As you enter Youtube those shoes appear on the page as display advertisement. This in turn reminds you of those wonderful shoes you forgot to finish purchasing so you click the ad & finish your purchase. In a nutshell, this is how display advertising works. We can help set everything up, & monitor each advertisement for return on investment.

Display networks

Display ads can be shown on relevant websites, search pages & other areas on Google. We also like to work with Facebook Ads which can be made a lot more visual than a generic search ad due to the nature of the platform. Timing, demographics, locations & design of the ad itself are all important components when launching a new paid campaign for your business. We have years of experience working with our clients to display ads which both match their branding & generate leads/sales/other conversions.

Google Shopping

If you sell your products online, we can assist with getting your products onto Google where users shopping online can purchase directly from their search. After viewing your product, the user is taken directly to the product page on your website where they can checkout quickly. Similar to how we approach our search network campaigns, we always assist with creating landing pages which will help with your e-Commerce conversion rate.