We make sense of improving your SEO or search engine optimisation. Our team are based in the Sunshine Coast but help businesses around Australia.

What is SEO?

In layman's terms, SEO contributes to where search engines such as Google rank your website on a their search. Different rankings are determined for each keyword & variation of that keyword for your website so it's important to set a proper structure in place when first creating your website. Following on from the initial structure, regularly updating/tweaking content will boost rankings over a period of time. SEO campaigns take time, but a robust plan is imperative for your business, especially in a more competitive area.

What contributes to my SEO?

Many internal & external elements contribute to how your website ranks on Google mostly revolving around content. We will highlight each below. We offer all clients & potential clients a free SEO audit. Afterwards, they can then choose to implement our suggestions themselves, or embark on a SEO campaign together. We usually suggest the former because of our experience & tools at our disposal.

Get a free
SEO audit

Get in touch with our team for an audit of your SEO campaign. We can help make instant improvements, if you want to work with us further then we leave that up to you.

Develop a strategy

Before launching a new SEO campaign, it is important to plan your targets. In doing so, you will need to research your competition to see what is actually achievable. It could be worth revising the initial plan & setting alternate SERP (search engine results pages) targets depending realistically on the competition. At Web & Roll, we plan SEO campaigns from start to finish, then implement them properly. Throughout the process, we send monthly reports & speak regularly to check the progress.

On-site SEO

Many of these contributors are put in place upon the creation of your website. Some of them will need updating regularly depending on how active your website is in terms of blogs, news, products & other updates.

  • Text
  • Internal/outbound links
  • Site structure
  • Load speed
  • Mobile friendliness

Off-site SEO

A good SEO campaign manager will be consistently monitoring the toxic links & disallowing them. On top of that they will monitor everything from your brand to other external presence.

  • Backlinks (Linking to your site)
  • Social presence
  • Business listings
  • Brand
  • Competition